3 ways to keep your customers engaged – Post COVID-19

our top 3 ways to keep your customers engaged

3 ways to keep your customers engaged – Post COVID-19

Our top 3 ways to keep your customers engaged – Post COVID-19


1 – Use your Social Media Accounts

Setting up a social media account is the best way to promote your business and increase brand awareness of your product/service. This can all be done organically with no investment required.

Posting regularly on your social media accounts keeps the engagement up with your customers. By posting more it keeps your followers engaged with what is going on in your business keeping your company the first thought for when they have a need for a service/product you offer.

Social media is one of the most used platforms in the world with 3.84 billion users which keeps growing and growing each year. Meaning it allows your business to reach a mass audience of potential customers resulting in a drive of sales. With reaching a mass audience comes with an increase in website traffic also. With your social media posts, you can include CTA (Call to Action) For example “Grab yourself a free quote today on our website” or “Read more on our website” This gives your customer the accessibility to your website which could potentially increase your sales.

Finally, another great asset social media has is the analytic tools they offer. These tools allow you to see the number of views, engagements and clicks your posts receives. This is a great asset to have to your business as it enables you to understand what your customers engage in the most giving you an Insight into the wants and needs of your customers.


2 – Pick up the phone and have a chat

Another great way to increase engagement with your customers is as simple as picking up the phone and having a friendly chat! As easy as ringing your customers you are creating a relationship allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in using your product/service.

Furthermore, chatting to your customers also gives you the opportunity for feedback on the product or service you provide. By receiving feedback your able to adapt in the future or even on the spot for the specific customer in question, meaning you will enhance the customer service you provide to the specific customer causing them to feel comfortable and confident in the product/service they are buying.

Lastly with enhancing your customer service with your customers you are creating a positive brand image; this then can be passed to potential/future customers resulting in these customers to feel confident in buying your product/service. This is because word of mouth in one of the most powerful marketing strategies out their as friends will 99% listen to each other and if they recommend yourselves, they will give your company a try as they will want the same customer satisfaction their friend received.


3 – Meet Face to face again

I know we are all waiting for the day where we can see other people and interact with them face to face. When the day comes you need to know how this face-to-face interaction can be key component to your business’s growth and how to implement it.

In person sales is a great way to emphasize your product/service to your potential customers. The most important thing when it comes to face-to-face sales is your ability to show your potential customers why your product/service can help them out in the given circumstances, the best way to do this is to speak in a confident and persuasive tone because by being confident it makes them think maybe your product and service will help them.

Face to face engagement stops the back and forward e-mails and the confusion for the customers which allows you to explain your product/service in a more in-depth way giving your customer all the answers they need.

Another great way to implement face to face engagement is by inviting them to events. This allows you to bond and find out more about each other on a personal level whilst you both enjoy the chosen match or event. By creating a relationship with your customers or potential customers, it again makes them feel comfortable and confident in working with you in the future as you will be seen in a more personal light.



Vital Engagement

All these points are vital to improving your  engagement with your customers and potential customers. By improving your engagements, it will kick start your sales which every company wants and needs at the moment due to the pandemic.



How can we help

If you need any help with any of these aspects, here at the Match Group we have businesses that can help greatly with this.

Match Marketing (www.match-marketing.co.uk) are a specialist marketing company, providing lead generation services across a variety of business sectors. They specialise in telemarketing to both existing customers and to potential new customers. This can generate leads which  help grow and expand your business resulting in an increase in sales. We are an experienced telemarketing team with superb customer service skills.

VIP Matchdays (www.vipmatchdays.com) Thinking of taking your big potential client or even a loyal customer to a sporting event to bond and build a relationship over. VIP Matchdays have 15 years of experience in hospitality and corporate events and packages. They specialise in arranging outstanding corporate hospitality packages to the top sporting and music events in both the UK and Worldwide. They can assist you in finding the right event to suit your needs and budget.