We Support Mental Health Awareness

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We Support Mental Health Awareness


Here at Match Marketing we would like to start of by saying we strongly believe in the seriousness of mental health issues and the damaging affects it has on people. It doesn’t matter how old or which gender you are, mental health issues can affect you. This is why we have come together as a team here at Match Marketing to create a mental health awareness blog post allowing people to know the different helplines and tips on how you can overcome your problems.


Mental health problems affect one in four of us, yet too many people are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless because of this. That why on behalf of the Match Marketing team we encourage you to speak up about the problems you may be facing with loved ones or anybody you trust, letting out your emotions can severely help with any of the problems you may be feeling at the given time.


Another great way to help your mental health is by getting up doing some exercise which can be as easy as going on walk. This scientifically improves your self esteem and mood due to the release of endorphins (Happy hormones)


During this pandemic, millions of people have experienced dips in their mental heath, some more serious than others. The earlier you notice and talk about your struggles the quicker you’ll be able to help yourselves from it mana festering into a greater problem which can sadly become life threatening. That’s why we’ve put together some websites that you are able to visit allowing you to receive, free professional help!


We’ve put together a list of websites that are made to help support you or anyone you know who’s struggling with mental health issues.

Andys Man Club


Find a Helpline

Sos Silence of Suicide




Here at Match Marketing some of our members of staff sadly lost some of their friends due to suicide. Therefore, we deeply encourage anyone who’s suffering from mental illnesses to get in contact with any of these businesses or even better speak to your family/loved and managers/ colleagues at work as “it’s ok not to be ok ! ”